5 makes use of of saddles in Minecraft

5 makes use of of saddles in Minecraft

Saddles are used to trip quite a lot of animals in Minecraft. They could be discovered inside village chests, dungeons, nether fortresses, fishing, or any random chest within the Minecraft world.

Players also can receive saddles by buying and selling with villagers. Players can commerce six emeralds for a saddle.

Saddles can’t be crafted and may solely be discovered inside the Minecraft world.

This article takes a have a look at 5 makes use of of saddles in Minecraft

What can gamers do with saddles in Minecraft?

#1 Tame horses

A horse in Minecraft (Image via Sportskeeda)
A horse in Minecraft (Image by way of Sportskeeda)
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Saddles are used to tame horses in Minecraft. Placing a saddle on a horse will permit the participant to steer it in any route they select.

Saddles give gamers the power to make a horse their very own and permit them to trip it all over the world. This may be very useful as a result of driving horses can lower the period of time it takes for gamers to journey across the Minecraft world.

Horses often spawn in savanna and plain biomes in Minecraft.

#2 Taming pigs

A pig in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
A pig in Minecraft (Image by way of Minecraft)

Players can place a saddle on a pig in Minecraft. They may even want to put a carrot on a stick with tame the pig.

Once tamed, the pig could be mounted and unmounted. Pigs could be present in nearly each place with grass within the Minecraft world, besides the snowy tundra biome and wooded badlands.

#3 Striders

Strides in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
Strides in Minecraft (Image by way of Minecraft)

Striders in Minecraft are a passive mob which are discovered within the Nether biome. To trip these mobs, gamers will want a warped fungus on a stick and a saddle to tame the strider.


Striders are generally discovered round lava seas within the Nether. Players ought to, due to this fact, search for these mobs round lava seas as a substitute of all the Nether.

#4 Riding mules

Mules in Minecraft (Image via livewire)
Mules in Minecraft (Image by way of livewire)

Players can place saddles on mules in Minecraft. Placing a saddle on a mule will permit the participant to trip the mule identical to the opposite mobs in Minecraft.

Players will be capable to mount and dismount the mule after taming it with the saddle. Mules are often present in plain biomes. They are bred by getting a horse and donkey to breed collectively.

#5 Taming donkeys

A donkey in Minecraft (Image via achievedgaming)
A donkey in Minecraft (Image by way of achievedgaming)

The donkey is one other animal that may be tamed in Minecraft. Players could place a saddle on a donkey and trip it across the Minecraft world.

Donkeys could be discovered randomly across the plains biome in Minecraft. Donkeys look much like horses, however their ears are for much longer than these of a horse. Players will simply be capable to spot the distinction.

Published 06 Apr 2021, 06:25 IST

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