A short historical past of underwhelming collectibles within the GTA sequence

A short historical past of underwhelming collectibles within the GTA sequence

Some collectibles throughout the GTA sequence are so underwhelming that they aren’t price gathering.

Players usually need to be rewarded for going out of their option to gather varied collectibles throughout the GTA sequence. Having a certain amount of excellent collectibles (normally 10) rewards gamers with helpful objects each time. This incentivizes gamers to totally discover the sport world.

Unfortunately, not all collectibles are created equal. Even in the event that they’re required for 100% completion of the sport, a few of them are only a waste of the participant’s time.

A short historical past of underwhelming collectibles within the GTA sequence

Some GTA games would get creative with what they would classify as a collectible (Image via GTA III Steam Community)
Some GTA video games would get inventive with what they’d classify as a collectible (Image by way of GTA III Steam Community)

Collectibles have existed since GTA 2, they usually began off properly. In GTA 2, gathering all 50 tokens allowed the participant to unlock a bonus stage to fiddle in.

GTA III would introduce Hidden Packages, Rampages, and stunt jumps, whereas different video games would finally get inventive with what they’d classify as a collectible.

Predictably, a few of these collectibles aren’t excellent. There are a number of causes as to why a collectible will be deemed “underwhelming.”

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Signs {that a} collectible is not price gathering

Having a collectible that
Having a collectible that is a ache to gather is simply infuriating (Image by way of GTA Wiki)

There are many clear indicators that show {that a} collectible is not definitely worth the problem. These embody:

  • Too many to gather.
  • No reward/ineffective reward.
  • Too tough to search out.

The first signal is an apparent one. If a participant has to gather every little thing with the intention to get a bonus, then that simply wastes time. It’s higher to have incremental rewards reasonably than an all-or-nothing system that some GTA titles incorporate.

The second signal needs to be self-evident. If there is not a reward, then it is pointless. If there’s a reward, but it surely’s outclassed or ineffective to most gamers, then it is also nugatory. One can forgive the truth that some collectibles require an excessive amount of gathering, however any collectible with a pointless reward is simply irritating.

Finally, having a collectible that is a ache to gather is simply infuriating. Even if there is a good reward for doing so, some gamers are certain to search for all of the places to avoid wasting time. Others would simply not hassle with any type of exploration.

Examples of excellent collectibles

Hidden Packages from GTA Vice City isn
Hidden Packages from GTA Vice City is not one of the best collectible within the sequence, but it surely’s completely serviceable (Image by way of Naizurus, YouTube)

To perceive what makes a foul collectible really feel underwhelming, it is vital to know what an excellent collectible seems like. Take Hidden Packages from GTA Vice City for example. It is not one of the best collectible within the sequence, but it surely’s completely serviceable. It rewards exploration, offers the participant cash and unlocks simply accessible objects for each 10 collected.

Alternatively, check out Rampages in GTA III. It’s purely a financial profit, however the amount of cash an individual could make doing one thing jovial like an off-the-cuff murdering spree in GTA is not to be underestimated.


As one can see, the reward for doing a collectible is arguably a very powerful side. The proven fact that the 2 examples listed above are simple to do is a bonus.

A short historical past of underwhelming collectibles


Now that one would possibly perceive what makes a collectible fascinating or disliked, it is time to talk about what collectibles are sometimes deemed as underwhelming and why.

The most notorious instance is the pigeons in GTA 4. Case in level: there are 200 pigeons (often known as flying rats). That’s double the usual for previous GTA titles, and there are zero incremental rewards for the participant. Killing all 200 pigeons provides 2.5% to the participant’s in-game completion (one thing the overwhelming majority of gamers do not look after) and a spawn for the Annihilator helicopter close to Star Junction.

That sounds good, besides for 2 main issues. First, it is not a assured spawn, which wastes the participant’s time. Second, there are simpler methods to get the helicopter. It would not assist that some pigeons are situated in complicated spots, additional losing the participant’s time.

Other underwhelming collectibles

There are many collectibles in the GTA series that are considered to be underwhelming (Image via GTA Wiki)
There are many collectibles within the GTA sequence which can be thought of to be underwhelming (Image by way of GTA Wiki)

Letter scraps and submarine items add slightly little bit of lore to the world of GTA 5, however they are not required for 100% completion, and the rewards are horrible. They’re scattered world wide map, but it surely needs to be famous that some gamers may need enjoyable gathering them.

The last underwhelming collectible to speak about is Rampages in GTA San Andreas. It’s just for native multiplayer, which suggests it is ineffective for many gamers. It’s not required for something and is solely a collectible designed for enjoyable.

Published 03 Apr 2021, 05:33 IST

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