Kurt Angle And Rey Mysterio Relive Their WrestleMania 22 World Title Match

Kurt Angle And Rey Mysterio Relive Their WrestleMania 22 World

Recently on WWE’s The Bump, Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle appeared again on their groundbreaking matchup that concerned Randy Orton as effectively in a triple menace match for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22. Although Angle would have most popular his match to stay a singles competitors, he knew Orton and Mysterio would change into his finest rivals to problem.

“Well, it was a rough few months, you know, lead up to WrestleMania. I had a lot of great matches and a lot of competition,” Kurt Angle started on his street to WrestleMania 22. “My biggest concern was I would’ve preferred to wrestle Rey one-on-one or even Randy one-on-on because when you’re in a triple threat match, you don’t have to necessarily have to lose to lose a title. And unfortunately, that’s what happened. That’s the chance you take when you have a triple threat.”

Towards the buildup, Mysterio and Angle recall the insults Orton threw on the 619 Luchador earlier than turning into the brand new World Champion. Mysterio admits the criticism he obtained from Orton nonetheless haunts him to today.

“It was very hard to digest,” Rey Mysterio famous on Randy Orton’s harsh critique in direction of his title alternative. “He said a lot of things that still stick with me to this day. You know, a lot of things that shouldn’t have been said. But at the end of the day, that was just building my stamina up. I was just getting ready to go in there and them on and win what I thought was rightfully coming my way, which was the World Title.”


Once WrestleMania 22 got here, Mysterio, Orton and Angle tore the home down. Despite this match solely being 10 minutes lengthy, Mysterio believes every one among them introduced their A-game in entrance of the crimson scorching Chicago followers that night time.

“I go back and watch this match over and over by myself and then with my son. We learned so much still to this day from that match,” Rey Mysterio talked about. “Timing was impeccable that night. I felt like we all brought our A-game. There were a lot of what fans call ‘holy s–t’ moments. But at the end of the day, there was only one task in mind, and that was to beat either Kurt or Randy to become World Champion.”

When Mysterio dethroned Angle from his World Heavyweight Title reign, Angle was joyful Mysterio was the man to do it. He thought this title victory was the easiest way to pay homage in direction of Eddie Guerrero and his household.


“It was incredible! I was so happy for Rey,” Kurt Angle admitted. “You know, the whole thing was in memory of Eddie [Guerrero]. This was a great storybook ending to a program that meant so much to Eddie Guerrero, to his family and to the WWE Universe. This was the perfect finish for a WrestleMania main event, and I was really happy for Rey!”

Before concluding their interview, Angle and Mysterio as soon as once more confirmed their admiration and respect in direction of one another. Both of them hope followers will endlessly bear in mind the legacy that was constructed in direction of this historic win for Mysterio.

“Well, I think the fans will remember that match forever because it was such an incredible match,” Kurt Angle acknowledged. “The chemistry, the move set, everything was dead on. It couldn’t have been better. It could have been a little bit longer, but it couldn’t have been better. I think Eddie would have been so proud of that match.”

“I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve stepped into the ring with Kurt since 2002 at Summerslam,” Rey Mysterio concluded. “We clicked right off the bat. There was incredible chemistry within Kurt and myself that I’m sure every time Kurt and I stepped into the ring, we enjoyed it very much.”

You can watch Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle’s full interview right here. If you employ any of the quotes on this article, please credit score WWE’s The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.



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