Layla Reveals Batista Came Up With Split Divas Title Idea

Layla Reveals Batista Came Up With Split Divas Title Idea

Former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Layla was on a latest episode of Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show. Layla mentioned what she misses from WWE, and praised Vickie Guerrero for taking part in a giant a part of LayCool.

“I miss certain parts about working for WWE. There’s certain highlights that are great, and there’s certain things that I was like, I could never do that again,” Layla famous. “I might by no means be on the street driving 5 hours. All of that stuff, after some time, I don’t miss that, however I do miss among the individuals, and I do miss among the moments I had on TV. I used to be very privileged to work with you. I do know you mentioned that we allow you to come into LayCool. No, you had been a part of LayCool. You helped us a lot, and I at all times regarded as much as you and admired you. It was such an honor. I look again now, and I’m identical to, thanks.

“We had some actually actually nice moments, and I keep in mind we’re working with Mickie James, and I used to be within the room. Michelle McCool goes to be towards Mickie. I’m in there, and swiftly, you come out and also you’re simply, ‘Excuse Me!’ I keep in mind I used to be taking a look at Michelle. She was taking a look at me as a result of it was going to be a handicap match, and also you had been going to make it LayCool vs. Mickie James. Michelle’s ready. She’s like, ‘What’s she saying?’ I’m like, ‘I can’t hear a phrase’ as a result of the group was roaring so loud. Not only for a break up second. Your entire speech and Mickie’s like, ‘What is she saying?’ I don’t know.

“We’re all looking at each other. Michelle’s like, ‘Do I take my clothes off now?’ She was still in her street clothes, and we could never hear it. Finally, we heard the bell ring. Michelle jumped in or whatever. Every time I went out there with you, half the time I’m like, ‘I don’t know what she’s saying. I can’t hear her. What do I do?’ To be out there with you, somebody who’s so established and so over, you had to say one thing. You were the biggest heel in our company. You really were.”

After being a part of the Diva Search, Layla was a part of Extreme Exposé with Brooke and Kelly Kelly. Layla recalled her time there and why she felt she wanted to be a perfectionist throughout that point.

“Extreme Exposé, if I about anybody else, they would have been like, ‘It was okay.’ You were straightforward with me, and you were honest and you would tell me straight away, ‘No, it’s horrible, or no, she’s kind of off’ because I have to be honest, I was a complete control freak during that Extreme Exposé,” Layla admitted. “I actually am a perfectionist. It’s a fault, however it’s additionally an ideal asset too. I must examine the place’s Barbie. Oh, she’s over there. There’s three completely different personalities.

“We’re completely different, and I’m like, ‘Let’s go! Let’s go! Time to go,’ and simply developing with the routines, and the costumes and the music, you knew I had a tough time generally as a result of it was simply a variety of stress as a result of I didn’t need to fail, and I didn’t need the opposite women to fail as a result of I knew, at the moment, I couldn’t wrestle. I had no clue methods to wrestle. If we don’t make Extreme Exposé work, as a result of Barbie and I didn’t know methods to wrestle then. Brooke I believe was coaching. I used to be like, if we don’t make this work, we’re gonna get out of a job. Being hated as a management freak, simply get it completed or do I maintain a job, and that’s what I needed to do as a result of I didn’t need to lose my job.

“I know that they were worried to lose their job. Kelly probably would have been fine. Kelly Kelly probably would not have lost her job, but I have to say one day, Vince did pull me aside. It was after we did the routine. We dressed up like schoolgirls. It was The Pussycat Dolls. It was that routine, and Vince pulled me aside after the show and he’s like, ‘I really like you guys. This is going to work. I’m really happy with this. Keep it up’ and to even get that, like oh my God. It worked.”

Layla additionally mentioned the backstage atmosphere throughout that point. She talks about how the ladies throughout the Divas period had been preventing for spots, and he or she addresses the notion that Michelle McCool benefitted from being in a relationship with The Undertaker.

“It was a lot of stress to be honest with you, and you’re always fighting. That was the thing about that area that we were in, the Divas era,” Layla mentioned. “I’ve heard different wrestlers or Superstars, females on this era which have mentioned that the Divas didn’t must struggle for something, and that issues weren’t taken away from us and we weren’t given alternatives. No. This is the reality. There had been two spots. This is it. There had been two spots in our Diva period. Luckily, it was simply on RAW. So then these two women would come to SmackDown too. They had been on RAW and SmackDown, and that was it. Everybody else was simply no matter.

“Hopefully, you’ll discover a man you will be with or be on a pre-tape. That was it. So then lastly, it turned that it was two spots on RAW and two spots on SmackDown, and you bought to recollect, what number of women are within the locker room? There’s a variety of women within the locker room. 10-15 in every locker room and all of us need to shine, and I get it. We all need the spot. We all need to shine. We all need to additional ourselves. We’re not going to get any youthful. We’re all getting older. So I completely perceive that, however the struggle in you generally, even the one who was preventing preventing preventing preventing, we nonetheless get no. And women nonetheless got here. Michelle and I received advised no many a occasions. It wasn’t like we received what we needed. We by no means did get what we needed.


“It wasn’t like that, and I can promise you that. I was there, and I’m just going to be really honest about this, Michelle being married to Taker or his girlfriend at the time at the time, people were like, ‘Oh, she’s going to get whatever she wants.’ I was there to witness it. That was not the case. It had nothing to do with that. If anything, I feel like people were more shunning her than giving her what she wants, and she worked hard. She was the hardest worker always. It wasn’t like she was like lazy. And I still feel to this day that’s a stigma that Michelle’s going to have her whole life and carry with her, and it’s not fair. That’s not true. I was there. Not true whatsoever.”

Guerrero confirmed that in backstage conferences, Undertaker was nowhere seen with McCool. LayCool had been identified for his or her break up Divas Title belt thus making them each Divas Champion. Layla admitted that the thought was neither hers or McCool’s, and he or she revealed the WWE Hall of Famer that pitched the thought to Vince McMahon.

“We never went together, like ‘Flawless.’ It just organically happened one day, and then after that, we just kept talking the same and just saying things together,” Layla recalled. “It’s true. I may have a look at Michelle and know if she was like, go over this manner. Go that manner. I may actually learn her like a e book. I don’t know if she may learn me, however I might observe her. She was undoubtedly the chief.

“The actual title belts, it was not me and Michelle. One day we did the ‘Forever Friends’ necklaces. Batista, during rehearsals one day, he goes, ‘You know what, I just told Vince you guys should split the titles like you do the Forever Friends necklaces,’ and I was like, Really?’ He’s like, ‘I told Michelle, and she liked it.’ All of the sudden, that was it. It was done because it really was perfect. So Batista came up with that.”

Layla later took questions from followers who requested if she and McCool are nonetheless in contact. She additionally advised a joke a couple of mishap that occurred backstage with an agent.

“Yes, I do have contact with Michelle. I think Michelle and I will always be in contact even just a happy birthday, happy holidays,” Layla revealed. “We will at all times keep up a correspondence with one another. I’ve by no means heard Michelle snort so exhausting. So someday, we’re within the locker room. It was myself. It was Kelly Kelly, Rosa [Mendes] and Michelle. So there was a mirror in entrance of me right here. Michelle was standing by the mirror. I used to be over right here getting modified. Rosa and Barbie had been over on the again, and one of many brokers is available in.

“So the brokers is like, ‘Can I come into your locker,’ and so they’re like, ‘Yeah sure.’ So sat down by the door. It was a small locker room, and he was going over the spots with us. I used to be carrying the Snooki outfit. We had been popping out, me and Michelle, making enjoyable of Jersey Shore, so we had been preparing, and I flip round and I overlook the agent’s there. I am going, ‘I don’t like this high,’ and I take it off in entrance of the agent in entrance of the mirror.

“And Michelle goes, ‘Layla!’ I have nothing on. He just rolls out the door. Michelle and everyone were on the floor dying laughing sore. She never laughed so hard. I couldn’t like laugh because I was just mortified like, what have I done? Just totally forgot and she remembers that. That’s definitely a memory we both laugh about to this day.”

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