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Minecraft enchantments for shields

Minecraft enchantments for shields

Shields in Minecraft are weapons that gamers can use to deflect harm. They defend gamers from creeper explosions and plenty of different assaults within the recreation.

Shields are a really great tool for gamers throughout the Minecraft world and might defend gamers from lots of hazard. Players may also take a protect with them once they try and defeat the Ender Dragon.

Like many different weapons in Minecraft, shields will be enchanted. Players can place enchantments on shields utilizing an anvil. However, shields can’t be enchanted utilizing a fascinating desk.

There are three enchantments that may be positioned on shields in Minecraft.

Enchantments that may be positioned on shields in Minecraft


Unbreaking increases the durability of a weapon in Minecraft (Image via Minecraftbugs)
Unbreaking will increase the sturdiness of a weapon in Minecraft (Image through Minecraftbugs)

Unbreaking is the very best enchantment to make use of on any weapon in Minecraft. This enchantment will improve the sturdiness of a weapon, permitting gamers to make use of it for an extended time period.


When Unbreaking is used on a protect, the participant could have extra sustained safety because the device is not going to break as quick.

The max stage of enchantment for Unbreaking is stage three. The larger the extent of enchantment, the stronger the enchantment can be.


Mending uses experience orbs to repair a weapon
Mending makes use of expertise orbs to restore a weapon’s sturdiness in Minecraft (Image through Forum)

Mending is an enchantment that takes the expertise orbs that Minecraft gamers earn and makes use of them to restore a weapon’s sturdiness whether it is broken.

This enchantment not solely permits gamers to make use of the weapon for longer, however it additionally saves them the difficulty of repairing it at an anvil.


It is to be famous that gamers won’t be able to seek out Mending on an enchantment desk. Mending is a treasure enchantment, which implies it will probably solely be discovered as a e-book across the Minecraft world.

Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing forces an enchanted tool to disappear after the player dies (Image via RajCraft on YouTube)
Curse of Vanishing forces an enchanted device to vanish after the participant dies (Image through RajCraft on YouTube)

Curse of Vanishing is unquestionably not the very best enchantment in Minecraft. In reality, it’s not really useful to make use of on any device within the recreation as a result of it’s ineffective.

Curse of Vanishing forces an enchanted device (on this case, a protect) to vanish after the participant dies. This signifies that if the participant is killed however remembers the place their issues have been dropped at, the enchanted protect is not going to be there.

Even if the protect has different enchantments geared up, it is going to nonetheless vanish into skinny air if Curse of Vanishing has been positioned on it.

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