Roman Reigns Talks Dealing With Negativity From Fans

Roman Reigns Talks Dealing With Negativity From Fans

WWE Universal Champion was on a latest episode of Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show the place he mentioned his MMA fandom in addition to his present championship run. Reigns talked in regards to the feedback he made about pulling out of WrestleMania 36 and what was going by way of his thoughts throughout that point.

“We all go through the negativity and the toxic culture of social media, and I try to do my best to be bulletproof and not allow it to affect me and understand, take it for what it is,” Reigns stated. “Lots of people can speak smack with their thumbs, however we stay in a world now the place, like again within the day, you get punched within the mouth in the event you run your mouth the incorrect method. Still a younger man however [I’m] sufficiently old to undergo a era like that to the place individuals working their mouths wasn’t such a powerful factor. It wasn’t such a giant type of leisure. People again then, they’ll truly again it up. There was some details behind what they have been saying. If there’s no credibility behind the s** you speak primarily, then you definitely’re a no one actually.

“So for me, it was a kind of issues the place I simply needed to be clear as a result of we’re in a really unsure time, and it was a kind of ‘fall off the edge’ moments the place individuals simply say something they need to say, however I felt it was necessary that you just hear from me why this was taking place and what my intentions have been and my causes. When it involves my household, I’ll by no means put something earlier than that. There’s been many occasions that I put my profession and the chance to offer for them, however when it comes right down to our well being and our psychological and emotional well-being, I’ll by no means put something monetary or materials over that. It’s simply not that necessary to me so long as we now have our well being, and we now have the chance to get up tomorrow. That’s all I care about.


“It was just one of those things too where it was such a polarizing response because you have your fans who were saying, ‘You’re scared to do it,’ but then you also have your fans who are deep into the story or the character, and they’re like, ‘Don’t show up. Retire.’ Just being disrespectful towards my career and what I’ve done for our industry and our business, and that’s another thing that I won’t stand for. I think that’s what this whole past nine – 10 months displays. Anyone who has ever wished that negativity upon me or been one of those idiots like, ‘Man, I hope you break your leg. Blow your hip out so you can never compete or perform again.’ They just clearly don’t understand, and they’re misspoken because they didn’t understand what I bring to the table, what I bring to this business. And I think what I’ve done over the past nine months, there’s no more debate. It is very obvious what I do for this company, and this business and this industry of sports entertainment.”

This 12 months’s WrestleMania is about to welcome in followers. Reigns mentioned the return of followers who’re more than likely going to get pleasure from his new character versus the boos he received along with his previous character.

“I think it’s perfect because if I’ve been able to do this without going in on the fans, if I’ve been able to do this without really touching on that relationship, that dynamic, that motivation, having to hear all this BS for so long, having to just kind of, like I said, be bulletproof and bounce off all this negativity, I’ve been able to just tell compelling and interesting stories just between the characters alone,” Reigns defined. “I haven’t even launched our viewers, which is like in sports. It’s the thirteenth man.

“The crowd has always been a huge part of every form of sport or entertainment. So that just shows how much material and how much more storytelling that I’m going to be able to dive in to. So to me, it’s encouraging because I still feel like I have so many more opponents, so many more layers to really go back with this character in this position that I’m in, but I think it’s going to be really special when I can truly interact with our fan base.”

Reigns was additionally requested if he lets the negativity get to him. He talked about trying on the positives in life.

“No, my pantries full, and my my kids mouths and bellies are full,” Reigns said. “When it comes right down to it, you need to break it down. I’ve by no means gotten to that time. You get to a degree the place it’s similar to, ‘Man, I just want to turn it off, and I do. We all have that control. We have the mute button. You can close those apps. You don’t should make your self obtainable to it on a regular basis.

“Obviously, it is good from a business standpoint, connectivity standpoint and just being in real time, but it’s not one of those things where I let it dictate my happiness or anything. We haven’t been in the social media world and culture era that long. I lived enough life to understand the good things outside of being on your device all day long. So it is concerning though, but I’ve never let it take away my interests or put a negative taste on a positive thing for me.”


Reigns returned to WWE at SummerSlam and was quickly paired with Paul Heyman. The pairing was one thing that had all the time been within the works, however Reigns revealed who was accountable for the pairing.

“To be honest, if I have to give credit to anybody, I’d say Vince [McMahon], but it wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t on board,” Reigns famous. “If Paul was like, ‘No way,’ or I was like, ‘No way,’ it wouldn’t have happened, but ultimately, decisions like that, it goes back to the big man.”

Reigns then mentioned what he has realized from Heyman throughout their time collectively. He mentioned Heyman’s dedication and work he has put with him.

“There’s so much to learn, and I don’t feel like I’m in a position to just give away his teachings,” Reigns admitted. “I’m positive he values that. Those are precious experiences, however man, if I can simply give somewhat little bit of free recreation away right here, the best way he assaults every little thing inside his profession and his relationship with me, with out being ridiculous and distasteful, if I’m like, ‘Paul, I need a hand towel. I need a hand towel and some toothpaste.’ He’d be the primary to be on the telephone determining who he’s received to ship, or if he’s received to get a rental automotive, he would do no matter it’s going to take to deliver out the most effective efficiency, to deliver out the most effective in the individual that he’s working with, the expertise that he’s at present inside artistic with.

“He’s going to do the most effective for him. And he tells me continually, as a result of I attempt to be respectful along with his time as nicely, however open line 24/7. I can name him Sunday at 3:00 within the morning. It doesn’t matter. He will be laid up with 16 lovely ladies, he’ll depart all 20 of them to come back speak to me about some enterprise to make it possible for I’m snug, to make it possible for I’m being seemed out after. He not solely goes from the artistic facet to on display screen advantages of being with him however every little thing in between.

“Tomorrow, he will be asking me what I want to eat. He will be lighting up my food to make sure I’m good. He has no ego. I know there’s a sense of confidence and competitive nature, but when he’s with someone that he’s looking out for, that ego crap is out the window. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to put on the best performance. He’s been a great influence. I don’t think I’d ever want to work without him.”

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