The greatest moveset for Ho-oh in Pokemon Gold and Silver

The greatest moveset for Ho-oh in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Ho-oh, the legendary Pokemon on the duvet of Pokemon Gold, has entry to among the greatest strikes within the recreation.

Residing atop the Tin Tower, Ho-oh could be caught after getting the Rainbow Wing from the Radio Director in Goldenrod City and after defeating Team Rocket in Pokemon Gold (it is in Pewter City in Pokemon Silver). The greatest method to describe Ho-oh is a extra offensive variant of Lugia. Both Pokemon have 154 base Special Defense, Ho-oh has 130 Attack and 110 Special Attack. Ho-oh, like Lugia, can run a blended set of bodily and particular assaults. With this moveset, Ho-oh actually shouldn’t concern something from any Pokemon.

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The greatest moveset for Ho-oh in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image by way of The Pokemon Company

These assaults are so sturdy, it’s actually exhausting to exchange them with anything. The moveset has offensive strikes to benefit from Ho-oh’s energy whereas additionally having restoration to assist it survive battles.

  • Sacred Fire
  • Fly
  • Earthquake
  • Recover

Sacred Fire is, maybe, among the finest signature strikes any Pokemon has ever gotten. Not solely is it extremely highly effective, however with 95% accuracy, it gained’t be lacking too typically. What actually sends Sacred Fire excessive is the 50% probability to burn. Since Ho-oh has 154 base Special Defense, bodily Defense is usually a blind spot for it. Burning the opponent, although, utterly solves that downside.

Ho-oh has two choices for Flying-type strikes: Fly or Gust. It’s fairly clear which is the higher selection right here. It can actually be annoying to have to attend one flip for a transfer to land. A 70 base energy transfer, although, will definitely do injury, particularly when contemplating Ho-oh’s excessive Attack stat.

As with most HMs, Fly ought to actually be on at the least one Pokemon in any Generation II recreation. If that’s the case, it’s most likely higher to place it on a Pokemon that can use the transfer as an alternative of losing a slot on one other Pokemon.

Ho-oh can actually profit from Earthquake for a number of causes. The most blatant is that it’s a contender for greatest transfer within the recreation. It will all the time be a desired transfer for any Pokemon that may study it. Another motive is that Ho-oh struggles with Electric-type Pokemon. With Earthquake, Ho-oh can simply care for Ampharos, Magneton, and related Pokemon.


The closing motive why Earthquake is admittedly good on Ho-oh is due to the Elite Four. Earthquake helps cope with Koga, who has a Muk that spams Minimize. It’s actually essential to have a Pokemon that may one-hit KO Muk earlier than it boosts up. Earthquake additionally helps Ho-oh cope with Karen, who has a Gengar and a Houndoom.

Recover is nice on a Pokemon like Ho-oh who not solely can inflict injury however is admittedly exhausting to take down. Most hits that aren’t tremendous efficient, Ho-oh can simply ignore with Recover. This can also be going to assist gamers get by the Elite Four as effectively. Since Ho-oh can get well its personal well being, the participant can preserve Full Restores for different Pokemon.

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