Top 3 Fire Pokemon from Hoenn

Top 3 Fire Pokemon from Hoenn

Fire-type Pokemon are sometimes neglected within the Hoenn area.

There are solely 5 households of Fire-type Pokemon within the Hoenn Pokedex, and solely three of these 5 are new as of Generation III.

As such, this listing is extra of a rating of all of Hoenn’s Fire-types than a prime 3.

Note: This article is subjective and displays the opinion of the author.

What are the highest 3 Fire Pokemon from Hoenn?

#3 – Torkoal

Torkoal (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Torkoal (Image through The Pokemon Company)
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The volcanic turtle Torkoal is a defensive wall with a very good potential, however not a lot else. Its velocity stat is atrocious, and its different stats (in addition to protection) aren’t a lot to take a look at both.

However, it could be taught some enjoyable strikes like Explosion, Fire Blast, and Overheat. And with White Smoke as its potential, the opponent can by no means hope to undo any stat buffs that Torkoal undergoes, which signifies that Curse is even higher than common (particularly since most Pokemon in existence will already out-speed Torkoal).

#2 – Camerupt

Camerupt (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Camerupt (Image through The Pokemon Company)

Camerupt is a Pokemon that’s usually neglected. This is comprehensible since Camerupt’s typing would not present a lot other than an immunity to Electric injury. The typing makes it weaker to the invasive presence of Hoenn’s Water-type Pokemon.

While its offensive stats are wild, Camerupt’s underwhelming defenses and terrible velocity usually result in it not attending to do a lot.

Having mentioned that, with some critical work put in to boost velocity (Choice Scarf held merchandise, Baton Pass Agility, and so on.) or with the acceptance that Camerupt will more than likely solely get to make use of one transfer earlier than it goes down, this volcanic camel may be totally terrifying on the battlefield.


With each of its offensive stats at over 100, Camerupt could make full use of its super-offensive Fire and Ground-typing to unleash razing Fire Blasts or shattering Earthquakes. It may even be taught Explosion to ensure that it goes out with a bang as soon as the coach is aware of that it is finished for.

#1 – Blaziken

Blaziken (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Blaziken (Image through The Pokemon Company)

The Fire-type starter of Generation III is, by far, one of the best Fire-type Pokemon within the Hoenn area.

As the primary Fire and FIghting-type starter, Blaziken set a excessive bar for its successors to dwell as much as. Blaziken takes Camerupt’s one constructive – its threatening offensive stats – and raises it up much more whereas additionally having twice as a lot velocity.

In addition, the Fighting-type provides Blaziken a strong quantity of protection and a number of other resistances. With entry to Swords Dance, its bodily Fighting strikes change into completely devastating.

Published 06 Apr 2021, 06:07 IST

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